Here’s the scenario. You have an art company. You have an old website that you love. It works well for what it is, but you have a major content update to do with many new pieces and copy. You have different categories of updates which are not accomodated on your old site, which will require part of the sites navigation to be overhauled, as well as many pages to be updated.

So what are your choices? Well there are two clear choices. Update the site or make a new one. What? Make a new one? Lets break this down.

Advantages for staying with current website:

Cheaper than getting a new site done
The site is familiar to regular visitors
The update would happen a little bit faster than re-doing the entire website this time around
Requires little time to request the site update

Advantages for having a new site done:

New web technologies, such as Content Management Systems (CMS), allow for massive updates that do not break the structure of the site. The other benefit to using a CMS is the speed of the updates is always faster.

Planning a site with realistic business objectives in mind always produces a finer product. Chances are that the requirements have changed or have become more clear — IE: Where are you making your money? Lets talk about that.

Is it time for a company re-brand? Are you already in the process of re-branding? A new website is the perfect opportunity to launch a new identity, including logo and taglines.

Optics to consider with staying with the old website:
It’s going to stretch the website to it’s limits at best, appear cluttered at the end, and ultimately make you look somewhat disorganized.

Items to consider with going through the process of building a new site:
Since this is your second time around, it is likely that you will have a much more straight forward idea of what the new site needs to accomplish for the business. You have the experience of the process already, and know where to start. This isn’t your first time, so it ought to be an easier process. That being said, you also know it takes time to carefully plan it out and execute the plan. Understand that it is going to cost some more now, and that it is an investment that is strictly for 1) making the company more money in a direct or indirect way and 2) save money later by being considerably faster (and hence less expensive) to update.

Here is an example of a website that has been updated effectively using a wordpress theme:

In this day and age, everyone who is really in business has a website, but that doesn’t mean that it’s doing anything for them. I highly encourage you to speak with an expert about your site in business and marketing terms if you are unsure about your current site and what it’s actually doing for you. It could make an enormous difference to your online presence.